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Question Before You Believe
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Question What You Have Been Taught To Believe With These Easy Steps!


Some Prefer to Question Long Held Beliefs, Than to Merely Listen and Follow Blindly

Here our attempt is to get people to question long held beliefs, as opposed to listening and following blindly. We hope that everyone, someday, will be able to say that they were able to reason, gain evidence, and then understand the information in front of them before they decided to believe it. In this way, more people will think twice before believing in certain ideologies that will negatively affect them and those around them for the rest of their lives. Remember, just because you entertain a thought, it does not mean that you must accept it!

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Trump Kissing Bible Ass to Win Iowa

Trump Kissing Bible Ass to Win Iowa

by James Kirk Wall

Like him or not, Trump is mastering the political game. All the standard rules of politics have been turned upside-down. Veteran talking heads didn’t see it coming, they have been dumbfounded. They thought he’d have an early exit, instead he appears unstoppable. They predicted Jeb Bush would be the front runner. Instead, Jeb is getting crushed, he’s done.

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