Welcome to Where We Ask You to Question Before You Believe




By  Nate Gaunder


:::This poem is an explanation of Nate’s experience with anxiety while attending church as a teenager:::



Greeted words. “Wake up… it’s time”.

*Eyes open, Lungs fill*

Hears them calling.

“Get up, its time”.

(Stares at door)


Walks through. “Do you like who I am

today” ??? greeted by another lost soul.

“Yes, what a lovey mask you have”.

Smiles and gestures greet one another.

Loving arms in shackles begin to


Brief words exchanged from our lips.

“It’s time”! (Walks through final door)

*Takes deep Breath*

The air is thick.

Though overwhelmed by the count, this

masquerade is by far a fascinating one.

“Let go of yourself!” they say. *Can’t*

Presses towards the front.

Eyes begin to stare.

“Could they know? Is it obvious”?

“Please stand here” told by another.

Music of joy fills the room for all to

dance, while words of false hope

trickles down the ears of the broken.

Arms raised high! All join. (Feels shame

not participating) “Just try”

*Can’t* Flooded with disappointment.

(While Sitting) Watches the rest of the

performance unfold. The drama begins.

A show of peculiar acts.

With front row seats, please draw your

attention to bare witness.

Tears pour down the walls of the fallen.

With broken wings, they salvage whats

left. *deep breath* (Seen it all before)

Emotions begin to stir.

“This mask must come off”. *Anxiety*

“Will it be over soon”? Enticing they try

to be. (Want’s to scream) But this voice

box has been misplaced. *No key*

(S.O.S. White flag)

This ship is taking on water.

“Is it over yet”?

(Doors close behind)

It’s official…

“I’ve lost my God damn mind”!