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“Sadly, apart from a few courageous examples, very few Muslim leaders condemn clearly and unconditionally the evil of suicide bombers who kill innocent people. We need to hear outright condemnation of theologies that state suicide bombers are martyrs. We need to hear Muslims expressing their outrage and condemning such evil.” – Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

Source: Lord Carey’s speech, given in Rome, 27th March 2004


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“I don’t really have a life philosophy; my thing is just rebelling against pretty much organized religion. That is my main thing, because personally I think it’s a crutch for people that are too weak to get through life on their own. I’m the kind of guy that says if I don’t see it, then it doesn’t work. And nobody can show me God.” – Kerry King


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“If there is no conflict between reason and faith, why has Christianity insisted on rigorous censorship of dissent? If the Catholic Church is an institution committed to rationality and truth, why has it subjected dissenters to torture and death? The man of reason, the man concerned with arriving at truth, supports his ideas with reasons and evidence – not with a torture rack and stake.” – George H. Smith

Source: Atheism: The Case Against God by George H. Smith


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