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“Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication, and courage. But if we don’t practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face us, and we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along.” – Carl Sagan

Source: A Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan


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“Researchers have proven, scientifically, that humans are all one people. The colour of our ancestors’ skin and ultimately my skin and your skin is a consequence of ultraviolet light, of latitude and climate. Despite our recent sad conflicts here in the U.S., there really is no such thing as race. We are one species — each of us much, much more alike than different. We all come from Africa. We all are of the same stardust. We are all going to live and die on the same planet, a Pale Blue Dot in the vastness of space. We have to work together.” – Bill Nye

Source: Bill Nye: 2015 speech at Rutgers University


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“Our story is the story of the Universe. Every piece of everything, of everything you love and everything you hate, of the thing you hold most precious, was assembled by the forces of nature in the first few minutes of the life of the Universe, transformed in the hearts of the stars or created in their fiery deaths. And when you die, those pieces will be returned to the Universe in the endless cycle of death and rebirth. What a wonderful thing it is to be part of that Universe. What a story, what a majestic story.” – Brian Cox

Source: Wonders of the Universe by Brian Cox

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