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Army of Principles Podcast

Episode 14 (Week of September 11th, 2016)

On this week’s episode, Justin and his friend Chaz answer listener questions and discuss their memories of 9/11.

Penn Jillette at YALCon 2016:

President Barack Obama dedicates 9/11 Memorial and Museum:

Intro Theme: Alex Beroza, “Drive” (Courtesy of CCMixter)

Outro Theme: Floyd Horng, “Spirit of Hope”

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Army of Principles Podcast

Episode 11 & 12 (Week of August 13th, 2016)

Philosophical Atheism admins Justin Clark, CW Brown, and Mark Craighead (The Mad Rabbit) did a live chat on August 13, 2016. They covered a wide range of topics, including their deconversions, how Philosophical Atheism began, and their roles within the freethought movement.

This live chat appeared on An Army of Principles: The Podcast as episodes 11 and 12.

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