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CW Brown

CW Brown

President // Founder

CW Brown is the CEO and Founder of the Philosophical Atheism and Thinking Rationally online communities that were both founded in 2013.

He served as Executive and Social Media Director of Atheist Alliance of America from 2017-2019.

He resides in Vermont, USA and has been an atheist, humanist, and freethinking activist since 2013. Previously, he had been a Christian for 17 years, and he uses many valuable personal experiences from those years to help others in their journey towards reason.

He holds an A.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University. He very strongly believes in putting human rights above those of age-old mythologies. He enjoys playing music (piano and guitar), reading and writing (music and articles), and building a reformed mind by consistently pondering the phrase “Question Before You Believe.”



Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Facebook Lieutenant // Memes Extraordinaire

He is formerly an Ultra-Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, NY. Turned atheist at age 23, Steve is passionate about educating the world about the dangers of religion. He loves showing others the beauty of science and philosophy as a much better and safer alternative.